In the summer of 2011, I was the recipient of the Korean Internship Program through my adoption agency, Spence Chapin. I was extremely honored to receive this special opportunity, since it is the most prestigious scholarship that Spence Chapin offers from its abroad programs.


I traveled to Seoul Korea, (where I was born) and for a few days, stayed at the babies receiving home. There I was able to visit with my social worker who helped aid in my adoption when I was born and also visit with the new born babies that were waiting to leave on their own journey to their new families, either in the United States or other countries.


The majority of my time was then spent in Naju, Korea. It is 3 hours (by train) outside of Seoul. Naju is peaceful, and simple. It is in the countryside with a lot of mountains, unlike Seoul, which is comparable to New York City. I stayed at The Ewha Baby Reception center is another branch of the Social Welfare Society through Spence Chapin. For 3 weeks, I spent my days caring for little infants and playing with little children. It was a wonderful experience and I became very attached to all of the children that were there. During my stay the staff took me on several trips with the children and also some personal outings to see the sights of the Naju area. I was also introduced and got to know the “little moms”. Little moms are the women who just gave birth or are about to give birth, they stay together in a house on the property, some of them take care of their babies and also make them toys and write them letters telling them that they love them so much and they want them to have the best life possible, even if it is not with them. When I was leaving the girls all wrote me letters saying good bye and that they were happy to meet me and see that adoption is a wonderful gift and that their wish is that their baby will grow up to be just like me. This experience for me was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I was extremely fortunate to have participated in such an amazing program. I was able to see Korea as well as the area where my birth mother was from and also spend time with beautiful babies and children. I hope you enjoy my photos.


This is my personal journey to Korea.


As a photographer, I am sensitive to time, and how precious it is. Every moment is a passing opportunity for something exquisite to occur. If you are lucky, you can capture it. These photographs that you are about to see, are my moments that I was able to preserve and cherish. They tell the story of my experience as well as the documentation of a very important, once in a lifetime opportunity I was given. I will never forget the memories I have created.


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